building your profile for MS in USA

Is getting into a top notch foreign university for your masters’ program your dream? Well, dreams are easier to achieve when you have a beforehand fair idea about how to prepare yourself for the journey. Most students aspiring for an MS do not have sufficient knowledge of what universities expect in their profiles, and it is quite disheartening when they face multiple rejects from universities. In this post, therefore, we list a few tips on how you can start building your profile for applying for a masters’ program abroad.

Identify your USP and start building relevant achievements

In order to make your application powerful, you can identify your USP/strengths and start towards building relevant achievements in that particular area. This helps give the admissions committee a direction to build an impression of you and provides consistency to your application. At the same time, it also proves that you are passionate about that thing and are determined to perform more and more.

Internship at a prestigious organization

An internship or any sort of work experience at an organization that has a challenging and competitive process of selection can add on very strongly to your application. This gives the admissions committee an insight that you are dynamic enough to get selected into an organization whose recruitment process was highly competitive.

Certificate Courses

Taking up recognized certificate courses can help in the admissions committee viewing your application in a positive light. It gives the indication that you are committed to learning even outside the classroom and are curious and determined enough to learn more and more. So you can consider taking up relevant certificate courses or even online MOOCs, whenever you have holidays or free time.

Publishing research papers

This can be an extremely strong add on to your profile, and can make your profile look really robust. Publishing research papers in reputed journals is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you manage to publish one, you could strongly increase your chances of being selected. This gives the admissions committee the outlook that you have research interests and are capable of academic writing, and thus, could be a potential asset for their university.

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